Participation Agreements.


  • I have completed a therapeutic program and/or have worked with a counselor/therapist/psychiatrist for my anxiety, addiction, depression or burnout.

  • I have an understanding of my diagnosis and/or condition and mindfulness based recovery support is an appropriate part of my recovery plan.

  • I have the personal motivation and resolve to participate in mindful recovery. 

  • I understand that recovery support is a non-clinical part of the behavioral health continuum of care and is intended to be used for support during and after my clinical treatment.

  • In the case of a medical or psychiatric emergency I will not attend class and will contact emergency clinical services for help.

  • I agree to seek professional behavioral health services when necessary including; psychiatry, psychology, psychotherapy counseling, social work or other appropriate services.


  • I agree to practice Compassion, Kindness, Appreciation & Equanimity toward myself and others at MRFi classes.

  • At MRFi classes and activities I agree to refrain from:

    • Violence and aggression

    • Stealing

    • Sexual misconduct

    • Harsh speech, divisive speech, dishonesty or slander

    • Intoxication